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Posted by Lea on July 24, 1999 at 21:55:23:

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I'm with you, the dollar stores are where it's at. You can also find lots of great stuff at garage sales and thrift stores, just look for old baby toys. I'm amazed at all the stuff my glider has to play with that I found just laying around the house. He loves old paper towel and toilet paper roller tubes. I stuff pieces of toilet paper through them and he pulls it back out and shreds it. He also loves empty cardboard oatmeal canisters. Another favorite is cotton balls. He will toss them around and carry them all over his cage. In the morning, he will sometimes take one back to his pouch and curl up with it.

Happy Glider Play!!

: I LOVE the Dollar Store! I was in there today looking around and found some cool stuff. I found these largish(between a tennis ball and a golf ball size) balls with holes in them and bells, too. My gliders love them, and best of all... all six were only $1! I also got this teething ring for babies.. the kind with the keys that are plastic... for $.50. Seriously though, it's a good place to find bargain prices. Usually when I got pay for an expensive toy for my pets.. they don't like it. So...

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