Subject: Amen to that!!
Posted by Janice on July 26, 1999 at 03:00:26:

In Reply to: Maybe we are all out of control!!! posted by Bourbon on July 01, 1999 at 18:50:00:

: But if weren't for ALL of us that were, are and will always be outta control, then the new updated info wouldn't find it's way into the lives of people who care about their pets.. You see as INANE as you may think this all is, it saves the lives of gliders. When yours does get sick, or dies, you too will make your post for all to see, or you will just disappear to avaoid any embarrassment.. You see EGO has killed too many gliders, Inadaquet education has killed many a glider. So you take our posts anyway you want, that is your choice. How I feel about my gliders is my choice. After 2 years you could give some gliders a chance at living, instead you chose to slam so many others for trying.. EDUCATION is great but only if it is absorbed..You will see the difference in the way you are with your gliders (who are probably happier as cage pets), they play with you, but only when YOU want to play with them. It is a sad, sad, day in this lifetime, when the education isn't out for all to see. Go ahead and write your own book since you already have all the answers,.... And NO this isn't JANE this is BOURBON, so be sure you spell the name right when you start to list the names of all those that have spent many, many hours of researching, helping, and working hard to save the lives of gliders. Obviously we do have a life, a purpose, and at least a goal.. Don't be talking about our Glass houses till you see how we have protected them.. He who spends their life in anger, isn't able to reconize true happiness in the smallest of things..

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