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Posted by Cheri and Gizmo on July 26, 1999 at 12:23:03:

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: on July 22nd I recieved this email from Chuck regarding Cynthia

: Hi Folks,
: Good news, Cynthia does NOT have the colon
: cancer her surgeon expected to find. The
: surgery is off. There are some unresolved
: issues regarding her abdominal pain and whatever
: it's source. The abscess thing is under control
: and she is on a clear liquid diet now. A couple
: of her tubes are gone, she's more comfortable
: now. And we can't say she's full of _ _ it any
: more. It's ALL gone.
: I expect her home in a few days now, we'll
: let you all know when.
: Those of you who are on the bulletin boards
: with her, please pass the word that she's
: recovering.
: I'm sure the well wishes of all of you
: have helped her through this toward a much
: better conclusion than was earlier expected.
: Thanks a WHOLE BUNCH!!

: Regards to all,
: Chuck

: On July 24th I recieved this one..

: Hi Folks,
: Cynthia asked me to pass along that she is being moved out of Surgical ICU
: to a regular
: room. They said she is going to East 226.
: When I have a new phone number, I'll pass it
: along.

: Her new number at the hospital is
: 252-816-9226

: Regards,
: Chuck

: Thanks to all her friends,
: Chuck

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