Subject: Need some advice.
Posted by Lisa on July 26, 1999 at 15:26:08:

My two babies (Tarzan and Jane)are about two and a
half years old. I have done a lot of research on
bonding and stuff to get them tame. But nothing
is written on how to tame older gliders such as my
babies. I have gave them treats and talked to them.
I have carried them around in a pouch I made. But
Im afraid that they are to old. I have had them for
a month or so and I love them lots, it's just I don't
want them to be afraid when I open the cage. My
Tarzan is starting to get chubby. How many peanuts
should I give him a day? How should I pick them up?
And I have read that you should never try to catch them
in the cage (Like chase them around), is that true? I'm
also afraid to take them out of the cage when they are
on the side (clinging to the wire) because I know how
fragile they are. Any thing you can help me out on is
Thanks, Lisa

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