Subject: Getting ready to introduce gliders.
Posted by T.J. on July 26, 1999 at 15:31:38:

My male glider is 1 yr. and 10 months OOP and my female glider is 7 months OOP. I have been switching their pouches for the last week and I put their cages next to each other for the last 2 nights. Neither one is eating much. I haven't turned them both loose in the same room yet, but my male glider jumped on her cage yesterday when I had him out and she shot out of her pouch and tried to get to him, she didn't sound very happy. She was just defending her territory. Maybe in a neutral environment things might be different, I sure hope so. My questions are: How long should I switch their pouches and keep their cages next to each other before I turn them loose in the same room together? When their cages are next to each other they don't crab at one another or anything, they just stare at each other, when one goes oneway the other one follows. Is there anything else I should be doing that I'm not? Has anyone seen to gliders fight? Are they hard to seperate once they go at it? I don't want them to hurt each other. (T.J.)

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