Subject: Offending Messages
Posted by Jane2 on July 26, 1999 at 19:44:59:

In regards to vulgar messages that do not adhere to the guidelines of the site, I suggest that we not reply to them. I certainly do not want to encourage them and I know that you do not either. Hopefully ignorring their obscene posts will make them tired of their foolish and unproductive games.

Their posts only take up space and make the important ones --- the ones about the gliders --- seem less noticable. When we reply, we are aiding in that distraction. I am sorry that I had to type this and take up space. But hopefully my post will prevent other replies in the future.

I am not critizing anyone for replying to these posts in the past, for I have done so also. It is tempting, to tell these demented fools how worthless their posts are. I have recently come to the conclusion that now, maybe, if we don't respond, the posts will become less frequent and we will not have given some sadist the satisfaction of a reply.

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