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My squirrel didn't die. She got out the door of our vacation home in Georgia and went up a tall poplar. Had had her for six months and thought we were bonded. She would pretty much come in the house on command and particularly when I would rattle the container with her pecans. She was always right on my arm next to it. But she didn't respond that night. I saw her on top of a tall poplar tree and whisteled and shook the bottle every night but she never came down. Also left her cage out with the door open and reshfood every night. Guess it was the call of the wild. The nice thing was that it was our Georgia mountain place and there are a lot of other flying squirrels there. Neighbros usually find them in bird houses. And she should adjust pretty well as there are plenty of bird and squirrel feeders in the area. Toby had plenty of chew sticks and branches, but when she got out of her cage, she loved to chew on any wood she came across -- particularly the wooden masks on the stairway. That is just a squirrel's natural instinct. And she had plenty of calcium. She was very healthy. Regards. Thanks for your help.

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