Subject: Re: Rep-Cal not ReptoCal
Posted by Bourbon on July 27, 1999 at 12:55:58:

In Reply to: Re: Rep-Cal not ReptoCal posted by Jokerman on July 27, 1999 at 02:21:24:

as far as not totally inhibiting, well that would all depend on the ration of calcium:phosporus, the Repcal is used as a suppliment for the added calcium as well as the vit D3, The vit D3 aids in the absorbtion. Gliders start out life actually decalcified, the joeys are actually hyperphosporic, which is why the increase in calcium and proteins while the females are pregged. In the wild the calcium intake is serious limited, early deaths are very cvommon amoung those in the wild for many reasons, 1 of the reasons is diet. In captivity, their life span has been almost doubled. So in a sense it is like saying like in a car.. you can have one car with a full tank of gas, another car with a half of tank of gas and half water. The water would go to the bottom of the tank, but you would have to suppliment the tank with ADDEd alchol in order to remove the water, then ADD more gas, so it would be comparable. That is where a lot of the extra guesswork comes in. Why worry about adding more and more, when all that needs to be done the first time is get the right thing to begin with.. But if you like playing around with their calcium intake that way, thats fine, I personally wouldn't want to take the chance with anyone elses glider possibily dying of HLP because I was playing a guesswork game..

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