Subject: Re: Wild baby
Posted by Christine and Robert Broyles on July 27, 1999 at 19:13:00:

In Reply to: Re: Wild baby posted by Jokerman on July 27, 1999 at 02:00:23:

Thanks so much for the quick comments and helpful hints. We are going to try to get the two of them together slowly. We
already noticed a withdrawl from Skipper, the eldest. We have been taking him into the bedroom for a couple hours at night
for playtime alone. This seems to help and he returns to his jovial self by end of playtime. It makes me sad to think
that he would kind of feel betrayed. We thought that he needed a friend because he is a social animal.How do you offer
him socialization without the female and baby deal? There doesn't seem to be a vet around our area that wants sugargliders
as patients. We have a contact in Tampa for medical assistance. God forbid!

Miller, the younger one, is still fussing but quiets down when we put him in the pouch. He has been in the big cage for a
day or two, usually when Skipper wants to sleep in the bedroom, and later removed to the smaller cage several hours later.
We do get him into the pouch most of the day right now.

We have begun switching blankets with each of the gliders. Boy, have they been scenting. They aren't crabbing or hissing at
each other since the first day a week and a half ago. They do stare at each other. Our biggest fear is if they start fighting
and injure each other. It's a long ride to Tampa and I'd be a basket case!

I figure I'd give them at least six weeks to get use to each other. If it doesn't work, I'll have to find a new home for
the little guy. No matter where he goes, it is a far better place than the _______ pet store were he started.

: It doesn't matter how old they are, one male has already set out his territory and a new male is brought into it, the male has an unfamilar smell, and he will protect his "territory", they might be friendlier after the younger one has reached maturity and one of the males asserts dominance over the other, but that still might accompany fighting.

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