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Posted by Nikki on July 28, 1999 at 12:16:09:

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Little Bit and wickit like their hamster balls. Little chases the cats and trys to run
them over. I put them in their after they've been up for alittle while so they
don't go potty in the ball. Sometimes they do, and I clean it out. They love to explore, but
don't like me following them. So I put them in the ball for their safty, and they can go into
any room in the house. I also put them in thier while I'm cleaning their cage, cause I can't watch them
and clean the cage. Once I wake them up. They are up for about 2 hours, then eat then sleep again.
I like them, and I would suggest using them. Just don't shove your glider in it, let them get used to

Little Bit

: I added the T. because there is another Lisa on here. Anyway, from what I have experienced with my babies running and romping in their glider proof room, the kind of play they like to engage in would not be possible in a hamster ball. Also, they really seem to love the freedom to run and jump and explore and smell everything, none of which is possible in a hamster ball. It doesn't seem like the best alternative for an animal that can glide hundreds of yards in the wild. Hamsters can't do those things so the balls are fine for them but I don't think it is the form of play or exercise that I would choose for my gliders. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

: Okay, this is exactly what this board is for. Getting different opinions. I am just offering mine. I have chosen not to use them because of things I found while researching my gliders. How can you be sure that they actually like the ball and aren't just panicing to get out and that's why they are running about? Also, I know that when mine are in their wheel they poop and pee on the run. If they are in the ball, all of that would just roll around with them and make for a scared, smelly glider.
: : I'm not starting a war here, just opening a discussion.
: : Anyone? Agree? Disagree? :)

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