Subject: Re: I'm going to disagree with that one...
Posted by Nuriko on July 28, 1999 at 15:35:57:

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I believe that the ball is, for my glider, perhaps the safest way for him to explore the house. He gets to go wherever his ball will fit, and he can even chase the cats around! He's safe and happy, and that's what's important, right? Anyway, I must point out that gliders are individual animals, and haave very different likes and dislikes. What Tasuki likes, your glider may hate. Gliders are like that. = )

: How can you be sure that they actually like the ball and aren't just panicking to get out and that's why they are running about?
My glider will walk over to the ball, crawl inside, and look at me expectantly. As soon as the top is on, he takes off. The first few times he ran around in it, I took the top off of the ball to see if he would get out. He didn't, and actually seemed annoyed that I stopped him. The ball is also his favorite place to groom, and when he gets tired of running, he sleeps. ;) My glider never sleeps anywhere he's not comfortable.

:Also, I know that when mine are in their wheel they poop and pee on the run. If they are in the ball, all of that would just roll around with them and make for a scared, smelly glider.
I don't put my glider in his ball until he's been out for a little while, and has already had a chance to do his business. I also watch him while he's exploring, and if he were to poop and/or pee, I would be able to remove him immediately to clean it. Hope this helps!


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