Subject: This is just my opinion on this matter..
Posted by Bourbon on July 28, 1999 at 17:06:48:

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the thing here is, that in a wodent wheel in their cage, they can get in and out on their own, when they want. In a ball they must "asked to be retrieved" There has always been a lot of controversy regarding the hamster balls. When the gliders are outside of the ball as was said by Lisa T. They love to climb, glide and rhomp and play. If your glider hasn't had the opportunity to do this in a gliderproof room, you don't know what your missing. You can actually see how happy they are..In a Ball , everything is restrictive, In the wild if they are scared or startled they would run to the top of a tree and hide, In the ball they don't have that opportunity. I always say, put yourself in their place, feel what they feel.. Have someone enclose you in a small confined space, for hours, with little interaction..As far as chasing cats around, well that wouldn't surprise me one bit. They are a natural predater to them. If they glider was outside of the ball, chasing a cat, wouldn't be a normal action. I don't uinderstand how someone can take such a beatiful animal like the glider, that has so much going for them, and change so much about them., Changing their nocturnal clock, making the floor animals instead of tree dwelling, making them run instead of gliding, In the hamster ball you can't feel their heartbeat racing , or see their reaction to fear. Of course some climb right in, they love to play with many different things, mine love a wooden house i have, it doesn't mean she would love to be locked into it. they love to know THEY have the freedom to come and go as they please. Sadie just had an awful experience. She stated about the bonding, to traumatize a glider is almost always a backslide in not only bonding but trust as well. She will have a hard time regaining that trust. I have to sit and wonder about how many people that use the hamster ball, have a real tight bond with their glider. I know my gliders, and I know I have a very energetic one, and a ball has never been an option for any of them. All these things I have mentioned could keep my baybes from ever trusting me fully again. I am not willing to take the chance of loosing that trust , because i may think that it would be a way for me to not gliderproof a room that would be safe for them to play in. Their well being and mental state is too important to me. Me, myself, will continue to give mine the freedom of safe supervised play. And If you had ever seen my gliders, and the honest bond we have developed over the years, you would see that confinement, isn't what they would want.. Their natural instincts are to climb and glide, not run on the forest floors..

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