Subject: legalities
Posted by Bourbon on July 29, 1999 at 21:39:29:

In Reply to: Gliders About To Become Illegal In NYC? posted by Maggie on July 29, 1999 at 16:53:11:

I would assume, by the law as is read that maybe Gliders were illegal in NYC prior to this order, It is imparrative, that everyone check with their local authorities prior to the purchase of a glider,however; As much as we can stress research, contacting the authorities, It really won't matter too much anyway. No one wants to find out anything prior to. all they see is a cute animal and all they know is they want it. Many don't know the first thing about them when they do get them, too many get rid of them when the newness wears off, when they find out they are too much work, or when they just don't have time for them anymore. I honestly believe that the laws of Utah should be adopted by each state. Now what can you do?? Well, don't keep your mouth shut about it. Get a large group together and fight for the grandfather law, that was stated was possible. Make a difference, But also keep in mind, why these laws are put into effect.. read the law. The states have very valid points. Are you prepared to rebuttle those points? and do it effectivly?? aybe taking a copy of the utah laws, and possibly working on a compromise..

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