Subject: i am so disapointed......
Posted by Tami on July 30, 1999 at 20:37:23:

this post is about the sugar glider data base if you dont know what it is please see
the following site
i just can not believe that out of all the sugar glider sites
out there only 1 business site (thanks betsy your sponsership made the data base possible)
and 2 nonprofit sites {thanks tiffiny and bourbon}has submitted that is just not enough i have started emailing
sites that i visit and all have agreed to be a part of the program no one has refused but i can not email
everyone and design the program to it is just to much to do in such a short time
i want to release the program by the end of the month so if you have a glider site to add please email me
as soon as possible nonprofit sites are submirted free

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