Subject: No, I don't think YOU understand
Posted by Jess on August 01, 1999 at 13:31:04:

In Reply to: I dont think you understand... posted by Kim on August 01, 1999 at 09:37:13:

Those kids get plenty of attention, but they do do it for the rise they get out of it, and everyone here falls for it EVERY SINGLE TIME...jeeze, they are trying to see how stupid you are, you guyz say you are not gonna respond, every single time, but ya know what??? YOU DO. And you can't help it! It's a little game the clan does, and unfortunately, you guys, by getting mad, get them happy, a little hint from someone who knows their plan, you MAKE them do it more, and worse by saying how stupid and foolish they are. DO you think they take your insults seriously? Well, they don't, they could CARE LESS what you say about them, you could curse, insult, threaten, tease, whatever you want, but it only pushes them farther to want to have more fun with this site. Well, the bottom line is, THEY HAVE CONTROL OVER YOU, you may not notice it, but they do, and no matter what you say, they are not gonna stop. Just thought it was time for my little speech because Bourbon seems to make enough of them.

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