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I'm excited for you Tim.I remember how excited I was when I got mine.As for the neutering though, I'm getting mine done from the vet.I can't imagine that it wouldn't hurt them.Good Luck with your babies.


: Ok, if you can't tell I am excited on getting my 2 little ones next Sunday. I will have to drive 5 hours each way to even pick the gliders up but I am doing this during the day to get them back before they should wake up. I am getting the final touches done on my cage and trying to get things set up for my pets. In my 6 foot cage I have a wodent wheel, pouches, a few wooden 1" dowels I got at the hardware store for climbing, and necessary food and water supplies. I am looking into branches but from being way out of my realm here in Texas I am not sure of the local trees. I am still looking into this since I want alot of fun items for the little ones to play with. i will also be making up a batch of leadbetters so they have some good stuff when they get here.
: Since my breeder is soo far away, I have had no interaction with my babies until I get them. I know it may be harder since they are just getting separated form the mothers.. I will have my pick of however many he has at the time, so I will spend alot of time to try to let 2 pick me out. I kinda want a male and a female but I will take any pairing if they get along good and are freindly.
: If I get a male and female pair, I will have the male neutered. He says that he will neuter them right there on the spot! I would think that this would be young for a glider but he says he has been doing this for awhile now and has never had any problems. I don't know exactly how he does it, but if the glider is not given anything for pain or something I will not get it done by him. He gives a 20 day health guarentee so if it doesn't hurt them I would feel better getting it done by him. Also it would be free, but I really don't care that much about that. I just don't want my glider hurt. Have anyone out there had their glider neutered at such a young age??
: Ok, sorry for this being so long. I am just excited and waiting for the day to get here. If anyone has suggestions or comments I would appreciate hearing them either here or by e-mail. I have been researching for 5 + months now but all the reading in the world doesn't prepare you for the real thing I am sure. again, sorry for this being soo long.
: Tim

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