Subject: 9 month old male glider 4 sell must sell soon
Posted by KIM on August 01, 1999 at 18:12:26:

I'm selling the following stuff (e-mail for pics)
3ft tall cage that is 2ft in width and in leangth with pull
out draw for easy clean up and stand
9 month old male glider (not nuetered)
2 water bottles
hamster ball
2 food containers
2 pounds of food
homemade toys
homemade pouch
drift wood to play on that is a $500 value
I would'nt dare ask that much because nobody would buy him
He must be sold soon e-mail for details I live in Kentucky
I will ship. You can also e-mail me for pictures. Things
can be sold sepratly to all together must be sold very very
soon e-mail me at A.S.A.P do not
post a follow up because I will probly never come back to
this message board!

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