Subject: ONE Glider Is FINE
Posted by Bourbon on August 01, 1999 at 20:29:49:

In Reply to: Good News!!!! posted by Janice on August 01, 1999 at 17:13:59:

Havering one glider is fine, as long as you spend time with it and give it pleanty of attention, There are too many people that get two gliders that have no idea what they are in for and too many times that find, that twice the trouble, is sometimes too much. Getting one glider to trust and bond many times is hard enough, Too many people are pushing for the 2 gliders right off the bat, so they get a male and female, then they are breeding before they are bonding. Get one, learn it, learn how to get it to trust you and bopnd with you, then add one later. There are exceptions to the rule. like if you have a chance to get sisters, or brothers and are willing to neuter the males. but to suggest getting two because of the NEED for the attention. Well if you can't take the time to give that glider the attention they need singlely, then don't get them at all. There are many people out here that only have one glider, and many others that have had one for a long time, then later get them a companion. But the truth of the matter is, if you tire of the one, then there is one glider you need to find a home for. If you tire of TWO then that is two gliders that need a home. Too bad we can't pick and choose how many kids we can have at each birthing..Only gliders DO NOT make for lonesome lives..

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