Subject: Brett is neutered
Posted by Teresa on August 02, 1999 at 17:13:09:

Just wanted to let you all know that Brett is doing fine. He was neutered on friday. I really don't think he knows what happened. He was running and gliding around the house when he came home. The only thing that had me worried was when the vet said that I should keep him and Puddin seperated for 7-10 days. I tried for about 2 hours but they were going nuts because the could smell each other and hear each other. It was truly pathetic. I let him out so he could run around and he spent most of the time on the outside of her cage, right in front of her and they would kind of nuzzle. Needless to say I put them together and watched them closely to make sure she didn't go near his stitches and she didn't. He still smells a little but the vet said it would take a few weeks before all the testosterone was out of his system.

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