Subject: Re: mean glider
Posted by HReneeA on November 19, 1997 at 21:57:16:

In Reply to: mean glider posted by Todd on November 09, 1997 at 15:36:27:

: I just got two gliders on wednesday evening. One of them is friendly and i have already had him out of the cage. the other one is a bit on the mean side. I had them both eating out of my hand through the cage bars and both were getting used to me and would not crab at me hardly at all.
: but this morning i saw the mean one eating some seed, so i went and got him a little dish of yogurt. When i put the dish down in the cage, he watched my hand, then suddenly came flying at it, making a crabbing noise. Luckily i got my hand out of there quickly and he wasnt able to get me. \
: i didn't know i could move so fast. then he started eating the yogurt like nothing happened. I was wondering if anyone has some advice on a good way to tame them and any other suggestions on making them friendly and happy.

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