Subject: New baby glider
Posted by Clara on November 20, 1997 at 01:36:26:

I got a new glider today and when I put her in her cage she sat in the same
place and trembled and cried for her mother. It just hurt me to hear this. I put
my hand in to pet her and she grabbed on to my fingers, snuggled into my
hand and would not let go. So I put her in the pocket of the bonding shirt I got
(its a really nice fleece sweatshirt with a zippered pocket in the middle) and
she curled up and went to sleep. She still ocasionally calls for her mother,
then I pet her and talk to her sweetly and she stops. She doesn't crab at me at all.
She does make these very soft noises, but I am not sure what they mean. Is it
bad that I put her into the pouch almost immediatly? My other glider did not
act this way when I got him, and I am not sure what to do. So, any bonding
advice would be helpful.

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