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: : : please take a looka my re to the new baby glider post because it doesn't
: : : deal with it directly but a question of my own on a realted topic

: :
: : It is better if you just post the question separately. Re: should mean you are responding to the original question.
: : I forgive you since you are new. Anyway, on to your question. It depends what kind of relationship you want with them. If you get them at the same time they will probably bond to each other (they will still like you)
: : If you get them separately, they will each bond to you. If you continue to spend time with them, they will remain bonded to you. I personally think it is better if you get them at the same time, it is less stressful than being alone, and if they are going to be spending the majority of the time with each other, it is better if they are bonded to each other. Also you won't have to worry about introducing them later.
: so are u saying that they'd be better to get sperately, and not as well bonded to me if i got them together

No, not really. If you are going to have them with you most of the time - separate. If they are going to be in their cage most of the time - together. I was suggesting getting them together. They will still bond to you well and it is much less stressful on them. Sorry about being unclear. Are you gettiing two from the same place and have they been together. If so keep them together.

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