Subject: Re: Message to FROGGER about my glider!
Posted by Frogger on November 26, 1997 at 13:55:37:

In Reply to: Re: Message to FROGGER about my glider! posted by kay miller on November 15, 1997 at 17:47:04:

: : : Thank you for answering my post! You said your glider wasabout 8 months when you got him also, well my husband & Ihave been working very hard with ours, we have had him foralmost 2 weeks now, we work consistently with him everyday!He lets us put our hand in his cage & he takes food from us.The last few days now he has been nibbling at my husbandsfingers, not hard...well now it is getting a little harderhe pinched hard enough today to draw a little blood. Wehave tried a few times to get him out, twice he glided to the floor & we had to catch him, of course he did not like that at all! We have even tried during the day when he is notactive that didn't help, because we got him when he was not a baby we do not know if he was ever held. We reallylove the lil guy & we want more than just a glider that isalways in his cage! He loves coconut, so we tried to get himto come on our arm by putting it in our hand, he eats thenbacks off quickly! He does let us pet him also! Do youhave any suggestions that may help us to the point wheresomeday he may come out & play without biting? Sorry thisis so long, we would appreciate any tips you can give us.Thank You ..Snooky

Have you put him in a bonding pouch as of yet??????
I try to keep mine with me all day I just put CB in the pouch with a treat and put the pouch in my shirt pocket and let him sleep there all day, He did put up a fit at first but after about a week all I had to do was put the pouch in the cage and in he went.......

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