Subject: OLD to start or YOUNG?
Posted by DINA on November 29, 1997 at 20:15:21:

Hey guys,

Im one of those people that have lots of time on their hands and LOVE animals. In my lifetime I've had appr. 10
hampsters, 2 hedgehogs, 2 cats, 3 dogs, turtles,birds
everything. My hampster of 4 years just died. I loved him to death. I just moved to a small house and I'm at school until late afternoon. I had to give away my Alaskan Malamute pup because of my move. Right now I have my hedgehog
(who is quite old) and my cat. I have been reading up on
Gliders and decided that they would easily blend in with my
not so busy life. My main question for you is if I should get
a new baby or an adult pair. I know that in the future I am going to get more but to start I'm not sure what would be better. I heard that if you buy adult gliders they wont bond to you as much as young ones will and they will never be very close to you (like they wouldnt come back to your shirt pocket) I am very confused because I have heard many different things and I would like to have some feedback.

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