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: Recently I have had lots of feedback from various owners of SG's and one thing I hear alot is that they bite like crazy.
: Does this mean that most of them will be unfriendly? I have
: heard of people that say their SG's can be trusted immensly with other people because they wont bite or run away when brought to stores etc. I been to like every website on the net and most information I get is all to do with health and how to care for them so I wanted to get some feedback from people that actually have them as pets. Do they make loving pets?

Rule of thumb #1:

Rule of thumb #2:
Most home bred and raised animals will become tame and welcome human contact wether they are domesticated or not. Doesnt mean they are safe. All animals require a certain measure of brain power on the owners part so that they do not see the wild side. What happens with every cat if you tease it a bit too much... Aint no different here.
My gliders are varied in personality. They were all home raised. The dominant male has never and will never bite; he is the one to jump out and play with me. Too bad he is always scenting everything. The dominant female will jump out and play, but she is always frantic and running around and trying to hide, and if you grab her or hold her, she will bite, but she will not iniate an unprovoked attack. The baby female is very much a combination of the two and she has never bit. At the same time, I do not threaten her, hold her down, or grab at her. I let her come to me and run around on my shoulders and I take her outside and she is the one I show to others.

It just all depends. Gliders are no more or less evil and instinctual than a cat. They are really kewl animals and can actually show a lot of affection. I have caught mine licking my ears, kissing my nose, climbing inside my shirt to keep warm and sleep... They are really fun little friends.

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