Subject: Re: MEAN glider - HELP!
Posted by Terry on December 01, 1997 at 11:15:49:

In Reply to: MEAN glider - HELP! posted by Pablo on November 30, 1997 at 00:02:38:

: I've had my 5 month old glider for 5 weeks now. He does not want to bond.
: I take him out of the cage every night, but all he wants to do is
: bite and jump away from me. If I hold him against me he will cry, then
: settle down, but the minute there is a chance he will jump and
: run for his life. He Also does not eat from my hand anymore.

: What do you think the problem is? What should I do? Do you think
: he will bond?

: Thank you for your help.

Rebelling teens eh? It is obvious that you are a bad parent. Just kidding.

Try this: Leave him alone for three days on end in a quiet and dark room. Feed him in the early afternoon when he is sleeping and do not awaken him.
After three days, take him out of the confined room and bring him into the family room where the tv is and stuff. Have him there for a few days so he can get used to the sounds and movements of people. Do not touch him or pester him or give him any attention whatsoever even if he wants it.
Finally, after a few days when he is active at night, open the cage and allow him to climb onto the back of your hand. Do not expose fingers, they are very bitable, use a fist. Let him climb to you and around you for some time and then put him back. NEVER GRAB AT THE ANIMAL. Imagine having a 100 foot human grabbing at you...
You will find that as your animal gets used to coming to you, that you will be able to play with it more and more and eventually it MIGHT get accostomed to being held and so on. You can accent this by placing a piece of your worn or dirty clothing in the cage as bedding. The animal can get used to your smell. Do this only AFTER you have left the animal alone for a few days. Once any animal is deprived of any attention or stimulation, it will desire it and will become curious of new things, it will also be afraid of them.

Just go slow and be very patient.

Some animals will never let go of their biting habits. To desensitize my female I have had to resort to wearing a glove and stimulating her to bite the living shit out of me. When they realize that all of their emotion and fevor and intense biting is getting them nowhere and that you havent yet hurt them regardless of the biting, they MIGHT calm down and accept the attention. My female finally did, but it was again hard work.

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