Subject: Re: new glider
Posted by Heather on December 02, 1997 at 16:12:07:

In Reply to: new glider posted by Cyndy on December 01, 1997 at 19:43:28:

: We got a new sugar glider about a week ago. His name is
: maverick. We are having a hard time bonding with him, I think?
: We are now alowed to pet him, but, he will not come to us.
: We can not pick him up and he won't go into any of our
: pockets.

: Could use some ideas!!!!
: Thanks

You really have to let them get used to you first. Whoever is going to be the primary care giver of it should let it get used to them first. Food always works great. Get a grape and hold your hand out so it can climb on it and eat the grape. He will gradually get used to it and be more active with you. My male still won't let me pick him up, but he loves to jump on me and sleep in my pocket. My female is still pretty new (just got her 2 wks ago), but she'll climb out on my arm. Just let him get used to the new smells and house.

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