Subject: For Terry
Posted by Jane on December 02, 1997 at 18:38:54:

Terry, you acted very quickly and got
but I was wondering how long have you had your gliders for.
This page you set up to act as a resource saying that you
would help solve people's problems. however certain things on
your pages have long had me worried. In your glider log if I may quote you state
" Short of twisting off her head, I can think of nothing to tell her 'no'". what kind
of a statement is that? also you write comments that make it obvious you had no idea what your gliders
were doing while mating and were still talking about them hopefully mating soon after describing what any
experienced glider owner knew was the mating act." 6-22-97 I came home tonight around 10:30pm and fed my animals, and I noticed that
they hadnt come out of their nest yet. I saw that the male was on top of the female and he
had the back of her neck in his mouth and was clamped around her with his legs. " and "6-24-97 I have noticed that the female is now curling her tail up on her back constantly
when awake. It seems like she is making it an easy target for the male. " In this page you also talk about taming a glider by first depriving it of attention for two days. sorry but that is cruel.
This is not meant to be obnoxious but it seems you are lacking in certain areas of glider experience. Perhaps you should just acknowledge this rather than making yourself out
to be an expert to newcomers. I will look forward to hearing your comments on my comments.

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