Subject: Re: I think their in love. Maybe not!
Posted by T.J. on August 29, 1999 at 22:53:32:

In Reply to: I think their in love. posted by T.J. on August 29, 1999 at 19:51:28:

My question has already been answered. I was wondering if I should put her in his cage since they were getting along so well. Marco my male glider told me the answer. Get her out of my cage or I will kill her! anyways all went well in the neutral room and in the neutral cage so I decided to clean his cage really well, put some new wood in and I put 2 pouches in there and set up 2 sets of food dishes. so I got the pouch with them in it and I hung it up in his cage. He came out of the pouch and then she did, when she came out he went crazy, he was chasing her and rolling on the floor of his cage on top of her, he was making a really mean noise, I had to get her out so I opened the door of his cage and here she came running out of his cage with him right behind her. I got her and my husband got him and we took them in seperate rooms so they could calm down.
What a night! I've got another question though, are we going to have to build another cage for them or do you think he will eventually accept her in his?

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