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We just got back from a weeks vacation, we took ours with us. Our trip was 8 hours in the car and they sleep most of the way. when they did get up we left them play around in the car. they explored for a while then back to bed they went( in our pockets. since only one of us was driving the other watched over them, we made sure they didn't get under the seats or under the dash. Everyplace else was fine. Their favorite places was the sunvisors half down (shelflike) and the headliner. they ran around upside down. We made a small travel cage which they stayed in at night which was 1 ft X 1 ft X 2 ft. they enjoyed playing around in the motel room, we made sure all holes and gaps were closed up. I wouldn't even dream of leaving them at home..

: I am leaving for vacation in less then a month (July 18). I have no friends that would be able to care for my 2, 8 month old gliders. The only family member that could give any real care to my babies is my mom but she is coming with us. We will be gone for 7 days. My grandfather would be able to give them food and water but no real care. I can take them with me but the trip is 8 or 9 hours long, we are traveling by car. So my main question is will they be okay in the car that long and will they be sick with the smell of a new place. Or should i leave them home with food and water but no human contact for 7 days?

: Thanks SO MUCH for any advice or help,
: Kristin

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