Subject: Aggression dies down.
Posted by Ashjan on August 30, 1999 at 13:14:00:

Hi, As most of you know I'm the spam queen but I'll try to
keep this brief. Ha Ha.:)The last couple of days have
been prenty good. Fri. We weren't home the better part
of the day and night so there weren't any problems there
Saturday I took them out for cuddle time and I got a firm
not strong bite but it was more like a hold on my finger
I waited to see if he would let go he didn't so I chchch'd him
and he immediately quit. This was his only bite that day
he went so far as to lick my husband? Talk about a turn of
behavior! Sunday I spent all day cleaning their room, I turned
it upside down anything that could go in the washer went the
rest was scrubbed repeatedly with cleaning solutions then the mop
was cleaned and I started over. Meanwhile I had their cage in
my room. Fuzzy spent a great deal of time on his perch instead
of in his pouch. I gathered he wasn't thrilled to be on OUR terf
Anyway there weren't any other problem that day. I did see baby
body parts hanging out everywhere. Today I spent a half hour with
them before school getting pics of the babies hanging out (or rather
parts)and was really excited to see the entire hind end of the more
developed one totally exposed. Precious is totally comfortable with me
so I had its' tail curled around my pinkie, and it's a boy. Can't wait
to see the other!!!
See I told you it would be short :P

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