Subject: Re: Big problem concerning glider health
Posted by Cynthia on August 31, 1999 at 12:07:09:

In Reply to: Big problem concerning glider health posted by Shianne on August 31, 1999 at 08:15:57:

That could mean spending critical time waiting for a reply. As far as I am aware there are no veterinarians that frequent here and even if there were there is not much that they can do through their computers.

I am available night or day for anyone that needs emergency advice. I even have vets that call or e-mail me for advice or with questions of their own. Sometimes it is just an opinion that they need. I can be reached by phone at 252-635-1269.

Even if it turns out to be a false alarm and you have to pay the vet some money isnt it worth it to know that your baby is ok.

I agree, whenever there is any question about your gliders health, get them to a vet ASAP.

When I lost my baby after her fall the first thing I did was call my vet (and every other one I could find) but there were no SG vets on call that night

Which is the exact reason why I make myself available when others aren't. I am not a vet but may have some knowledge that you can use.

If you need me, call me. If you suspect or if you notice any change in your glider appearance, activity level, elimination habits, appetite, any thing that indicates a change in your glider, please get them to a vet as soon as you can.
so I had to wait a few hours till someone could see her and by then it was too late. Now maybe they could not have saved her but what if they could have. Since then I have taked a few things over with my vet who gave me his personal home & cell numbers so that this NEVER happens again!

: Glider love to you and yours
: Shianne & Gizmo

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