Subject: Hello to the "other" Collette
Posted by Collette in FL on August 31, 1999 at 20:30:53:

Haven't been here in awhile, awfully glad to see you folks have
got the site up and running again, I missed you all terribly!

Also, welcome to the "other" Collette! Was looking through old
posts and was very surprised to see I had sent a message... must've
been while I was sleeping! LOL

To those who remember, Buffy and her triplets are doing well,
Boomer the Maiden Aunt is cuddlier and friendlier than she has
ever been! (and the hair pulling is getting better, her hind end
isn't nearly as bald anymore, thank goodness!) Boy is in heaven
surrounded by all "his" women, but I'm thinking neutering might have
to be the answer, since 3 of them are his daughters. UGH...

Have a LOVELY evening!
Collette in FL

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