Subject: Re: bald spot stuff
Posted by Nikki on September 01, 1999 at 13:48:59:

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:My male used to have the problem. Take cotton ball and wet it with warm water and
wipe off his head. You probably have to keep doing it till it's clean. I usually have to
give one cotton ball to him to he has something to torture, while he thinks I'm tortureing him.
Use the 100% cotton balls. Also if his cheat scebt glad start doing the same thing, or his chest
starts to get really yellow. Use the cotton ball on his chest too.
Hope I helped.

Little Bit

: I think my SG has a problem. the scent gland on its head has a lot of "crusty" residue. is this normal and how do i get it off? any help is appreciated. thanks

: sorry bout the double post! n/m

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