Subject: Gliders for Sale
Posted by Maggie on September 01, 1999 at 15:06:42:

I have two pairs of gliders and am facing the possibility of having to sell one. My decision will be based on which pair I can find the best home for. Both are adult pairs. The first is a WONDERFUL boy with a proven female. She has had joeys with a different boy but these two have only been together recently. My second pair were spooked by the other pair in their room & killed their babies. They are VERY wild, and have not adjusted well to moving here and sharing a room with other gliders even though they are in different cages. They would require someone experienced in glider care who would not expect to handle them as pets anytime soon- and they would HAVE to be roomed by themselves where outside noise wouldn't make them nervous. Please let me know what experience you have & what you would expect if you were interested in either of these two pairs. I am in southern Maryland. E-mail me at:

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