Subject: Good news & a couple of questions
Posted by Janice on September 02, 1999 at 21:30:02:

My baby-elmo or the pencil sharpener as my dad calls it, is doing great again!! Im so happy! He was running around in his new room, I switched the rooms I didnt feel comfortable in the other one, and I went to go get him. I stuck out my hand so he might get on it, he came up to my hand, crabbed a little but I kept my cool and he licked my hand!!! My hands were clean-no honey or anything!! I also put on my people pouch after he climbed in it and he was sitting in there all comfy, not one crabb like he usually does!!

How do you guys get your sugar glider in the people pouch when he wasnt tottaly used to you where you could put your hand in?
How did you get to that point?
Do any of you know of a way I can seperate 2 rooms?
How did you get your sugar glider into its cage without it biting you or scaring it?

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