Subject: Re: Looking for Free or very reasonable Sugar Gliders
Posted by Jane on September 03, 1999 at 08:37:55:

In Reply to: Looking for Free or very reasonable Sugar Gliders posted by Jasmine on September 02, 1999 at 19:45:08:

Jasmine, your post could produce some very harsh replies and I am going to suggest to the admin crew it is removed at the end of the day. But to summarize main points
1 at 11 you are not responsible enough for these high maintenance pets
2 it doesnt seem you are adequately informed about them how much research have you done?
3 if you cant afford to buy two at $150 each there is NO way you could afford the care they need
sorry but these are not opinions they are facts
: My name is Jasmine and I am 11 years old. Ever since I saw my first sugar glider last year I fell in love with them. A classmate of mine said he found a site on the web that offered free sugar gliders. I don't have much money and can't afford to pay a lot for one so I am interested in finding one cheap. Please send responses to my mothers email above.

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