Subject: Re: biting /hard to handle
Posted by Donna Pearlman on September 03, 1999 at 14:45:55:

In Reply to: biting /hard to handle posted by jenn on September 03, 1999 at 14:10:32:

I would try carrying him around in a pouch during the day so that he will bond with took awhile for mine to really enjoy being held.I spend a minimum of two hours a day with them.Sometimes they're sleeping in their pouch and other times they may be running around a "glider proofed" room.Try it and see how it works.

: I purchased a sg about a month ago.He is app.3 months old.The pet store din't have alot of info,but I had pre. read up.When you try to handle him he ites not enough to break skin,but enough so you know he means buisness.The only way to get him in my hands is coaxing him w/cocnut or captain crunch(peanutbutter)which I don't do often.How do I get him to enjoy being held.

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