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I agree with Bourbon - read her advice...and I am now convinced that almost every glider is tameable. My sister got a male from a pet store that the manager was about to "send back." He was a holy one wanted him and he bit her repeatedly at first. My sis had lost her glider (by death) and wanted to give a glider who probably wouldn't get a good home a chance at happiness, so she took him home. He was jumping off her, biting her hard, etc. I thought there was NO hope. In the midst of all that, she kept on being patient and following the bonding advice (very like Bourbon's). Also, I think she showed him she wasn't afraid of him - for example, in the first day or so, she clipped his nails gently (I wouldn't recommend this to you...she was an experienced owner) and ignored his bites while she did so. That little glider *adores* her now. No one else can get near him, but he thinks she is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Love, gentleness and patience pays I'm a believer.


: i have a un neutered male and i cant even hold him eithout him biting me help me please email me or reply to this message. Help me make him STOP PLEASE.

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