Subject: I got to see the baby's tail hanging out of the pouch...
Posted by Brienna on September 04, 1999 at 10:31:23 from

It was the most exciting thing last night. I acually saw the baby's tail hanging out of the pouch. Bourbon, you were right on the dot when you told me early Sept. I thought it would be late Sept. You pin-pointed it.
Everyone, I video taped them alot last night. Hoping to get the baby on tape. But when I turned on the light to get better view, they went back into their sleeping pouch. I will try again and again. I am so excited and I cant wait. I am trying to think of a name for it now, but I will have to wait until I actually hold it to know who it really is.
The tail was sooo tiny. It looked like thread almost. A little bigger, but still soo small. I also saw Fallon ( mommy) laying on her back grooming her pouch. I once thought she opened it and cleaned the pouch. I will keep posting my updates because I now have the glider virus.
Have a wonderful labor day weekend, Brienna

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