Subject: too frisky
Posted by Dawn on September 04, 1999 at 15:08:34 from

i've had Rollo for 2 moths now or longer. i'm an adoptive mother who is REALLY trying to get my little man to come out of his antisocial shell.
he doesn't bark at people anymore and for that, i think i've made some progress. Rollo totally hated people when he first came to me, but i just can't get him used to me enough so he'll allow me to pick him up. he loves to run from me, refuses to get in my pocket(coersing him doesn't work at all), when i take him oput at night for playtime in the bathroom he just runs all over my body trying to get away from my touch.
he does lick goodies from my hands and lets me stroke him when he's in his cage.
BUT for the most part he has no desire to bond with me.
i really need some help.
would gertting him a mate help the situation? or perhaps even getting him fixed?

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