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Hello and welcome to being a glider owner. I have a pair. Fallon and Fagan. And mostly expecting a
new arrival any day now. I have had them since April and have been posting here off and on since
April. I want you just to read my behaviors with my two and then compare me to you. Maybe it
could help you with questions, ideas or other stuff you need to know.
The first night I got them they were terrified. I drove a total of eight hours to get them. After we got
home, my boyfriend grabbed one out of the cage and she bit him and jumped down to the floor. We
learned NOT to hold. I left them alone for one day. All quiet, no disturbing. The day after that, I slept
in a shirt and put it over their cage. They really got to know my scent.I also put a sock I wore,for a
few minutes,in the cage too. I rubbed everthing in the cage for my scent. But before this, I let them
trust me first, I gave them treats on my fingers( like, pudding or jelly) then let them sniff me. I didnt
go to them, I would let them come to me. They did too. they took food from my hand. It wasn't until
a while later that they would let me hold them. I put my hand flat down and they gradually started
going up it. They figured out that if they wanted out, they had to climb up my arm. It has probably
been a month now that I have had them. My two dont like bonding that well. It has been a hard thing
to do. I have heard alot ofpeople saying how fast they bonded. Not us. It has been difficult. If you
put off just one day of bonding it takes one day to gain it back.Sugar gliders are very scared animals.
It does take awhile to build up a trust. It has to do with a lot of talking to them, trusting eachother,
feeding them correctly, spending time each night for playtime and during the day- bonding time.
I play with them everynight. Except for preggo. She wont hardy come out of her sleeping pouch. Let
me hold right now is hard to do. See, its now Sept. and she still distrusts me at times. It really doesn't
matter what method of bonding you use, it depends on your glider. If you have had one from a baby
it might be easier. If you got it from rescues it might be harder. It all depends on them. It can take
MONTHS for them to bond and I am living proof. Its been five or six months for me and I havent
bonded quite like others. I do know that they trust me. When anyone else is around they will run
away and hide. When its just me, they come to me. That is a bond. Not the kind most want, but its a
start. Do not ever give up. You have a glider hopefully for a 14 year companion.
You have quite a while to bond. So be patient, kind, honest, trustworthy, and mostly loving. Please
take this as a friend who knows the cons of a glider owner over others so far. Let your hearts
connect before your feelings of having a pet to bond to. It will be easier. I love my gliders very much
and the more they push me away, the more love and trust I show them. Cause' I am not going away.
They are mine and I am theirs. I hope you understand a little of what I am saying to you. It takes

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