Subject: cigarette smoke...
Posted by Julie and Kit on September 05, 1999 at 00:21:58:

ok guys I don't want you to respond to this and say are you stupid what are you thinking?! but anyway I have had kit for about a year and a month now so I know a lot about sugargliders and I know a lot about care and all that.. but I was just wondering if you smoke a lot in your room (I know that duh cigarette smoke is bad period) but will it affect the glider ? I make sure nobody smokes in my room but say a friend came over and smoked a couple while the sugarglider was out? what would happen? I mean would it affect her right away? What I'm thinkin is it will affect her sinuses b/c I have seen her do a sneeze kinda thing before. anyway DONT critisize me for asking this b/c at least I had enough courage for asking it!
gotta jet- Jules

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