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Well, I first noticed a peanut size lump in middle June. I never saw a pea or smaller lump. It looked like she had a cashew stored in her pouch. It was not centered but on her right side of the pouch. Then it kept getting bigger. When I got back from Florida middle Aug. it was huge. Like a walnut in there. Then I asked Bourbon for some help on my calculations of it coming out. I estimated middle to late Sept. She told me beginning of Sept and was right on the dot. Two days ago the tail was hanging out. Yesterday the whole body but the mouth was hanging out for hours. I video taped them alot. I am so excited. Sometimes thier maybe a lump and then it disappears, dont get upset. It happens. But I had good luck. This is her first baby. I hope everything is still ok from here on. If there are two, you should see two lumps on both sides. Mine is only one. And when she got bigger, it looked like her pouch opening was not centered anymore, more like on the side. But its from only carrying one baby. If the lump gets bigger, you have a baby. You can also tell by the mothers behavior. She craves more food and mine tended to hide in her sleeping pouch more often. She also crabbed more with the male. They both mated quite often for a couple of months before I saw the lump. Within a month her pouch grew fast. I also noticed her lying on her back more. Now she waddles around like she is pregnant. When the baby first travels to the pouch the mother licks a path for the baby to follow. I think I accually saw hte mother open her pouch and clean it out. I wasnt sure though. Then the lump appears. and get bigger. If I am correct, gestation period is about 16 days then in the pouch its about 111 days or so that it remains in pouch and about 3 to 6 weeks the eyes open. Maybe a little longer or so.
hope I have helped you out on some ideas. Good luck. If she is expecting you will know soon.

: Can I ask how long it took for you to know she was carrying a joey? We think Eos had one last week, and we think we see a tiny, tiny bulge on one side of her pouch - but we aren't sure.

: Thanks for sharing!
: Tiffany

: : I was sooo excited to come home tonight to see Fallon and how they were doing. I grabbed my video camera and as soon as I turned the lamp on, i saw the babys body out of the pouch. Everything but the mouth. I never imagined how tiny the life could be. It was breathe taking. Fallon was very comfortable with me around it too. I touched it a little bit. I cant tell if its a boy or girl though. It had skin much like a baby hamster. Kinda fuzzy but not much. Its skin was grayish-blue and it even had a dark stripe already down its back. Five toes and nails. Last night all I could see was the tail. But tonight I will never forget. I got it on tape moving and clinging on outside of the pouch. But i do see myself with a lot more questions to come. I know I can rely on you guys. I do not want the responsibility of more babies so I am surely getting Fagan neutured a.s.a.p.
: : If any of you have any helpful sources for new babies I would be greatful. Thanks, Brienna

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