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Posted by Scott Runnels on September 05, 1999 at 18:50:56:

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: You are asking about the good sides, have you understood the downsides yet? If you understand those, there are good points to them. The feces is much like a mouse, however the small of a gliders urine, well it isn't always urine but it will seem that way, at first they have a skunky smell, that is the fear smell, the marking smell is musky, the urine has no smell or it is sweet smelling, The biting can be expected, the face huggers etc.. The do require dedication, and lots of attention. Hammys and rats can be left in a cage with no worry, the glider on the other hand needs interaction to thrive. not just for a few months, but for a 15 year commitment..We are not anti-gliders, on the contrary we are pro gluiders, but they are not just for anyone...

I understand completely, and in fact I started this thread by asking what are the downsides. I have been reading up on Gliders (pro and con) for about a year, now. I started last year, but I decided to hold off because I was moving and I didn't want to cause any undue stress on him/her. But I have read/asked questions/studied quite a lot. I do however understand where you're coming from and appreciate it.

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