Subject: OOP!OOP!OOP!
Posted by Ashjan on September 05, 1999 at 22:31:13 from

They are out!!! I can't believe I was here for it at 7:30 they were still firmly attached then i started hearing this noise.... a new noise. I went to check, this was at about 9:30, and they were out!!! I prepared by getting treats for the adult gliders, and a camera. I took out the pouch and then proceded to extract gliders. out she came, and promptly dropped a baby on the towel below, I choked back a scream and picked the poor baby up. Fuzzy has been completely awsome. Neither he nor precious gave a peep about me handeling the babies. They sat in my hand, crawled up my arm, then my shirt. The smallest one was content to sit in the crick of my elbow, but not the older one oh no he had to crawl up to sit beneath the crook of my neck. So this is how you can start to see personalities develop from day 1!!! Oh what a beautiful sight new babies are! Ashjan.

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