Subject: The baby is left behind in the nest...
Posted by Brienna on September 05, 1999 at 23:28:51 from

I am soo soooo excited tonight, what a great Labor Day weekend for me. Fallon came out tonight with no baby in her pouch. She left it in with Fagan for a while then he came out. For hours neither went in the nest. i was worried something happened so i sat close by and heard it making little faint noises. I got my camcorder out and waited. i wasnt sure how they would act toward me nibbing in on the baby. Its only been oop for one day. this night actually. So I let them run around my room for a few then i got the pouch out and opened it. I saw the baby at the bottom trying to move. It was so small. I didnt touch it. Just looked at it. I video taped it too. I am not sure when it will be safe to hold the little one. It can't even walk yet. Now I will leave them alone until tomorrow night. :)

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