Subject: New Topic: Geriatric Gliders, Cynthia your input would be useful!
Posted by Ashjan on September 05, 1999 at 23:49:49 from

A special situation in my life raised my awareness of an aging pet population. My mother's dog was put to sleep this week. Bersitis, arthritis, osteoporosis, and broncitis had plagued this dog for two years. Kidney failure finally led to weight gain which could not be carried by aging bones. Mobility was limited and irritability increased. This resulted in a toddler, who sat on the dog, being bitten. As my mother is a foster care provider, law mandated that the dog must be put down. We need to be aware (ahead of time since most American glider owners have domestic gliders which were only introduced about 6 years ago) what we should expect from our aging friends. What are the symptoms, how do we deal with them? What are their specials needs, do people know that health insurance for pets does in fact exist? This situation raised several questions about what this youthful glider generation will face in ten years. Please consider and be prepared. Ashjan.

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