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>> i clean the bedding once a week. When you start to smell the cage you will know how to predict the change needed. So i clean the bedding once a week so it doesnt smell. Now, the cage itsself, i clean twice a week because its big. Its about four feet tall and three feet wide. Two people need to fold it up and take it out. I wash it with soap and water. I wash all their belongings too and let dry in the sun.
Its based on your gliders and the smell. If it gets dirty or smells, just clean it. Soap and water usually does it. Try to stay away from chemicals though. Some can be deadly.
Good luck with your glider

: How often should I clean my gliders cage? To what extent should I clean it? I have a pan with wood chips on it, beneath the cage and I can easily move it and clean that out...what about her rope, the cage itself and the things in it like her pouch and her wheel? How often and to what extent?

: Thanks
: Scott

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