Subject: No.. No .. NoRe: I just got a glider and i NEED advice!!
Posted by Jane on September 07, 1999 at 13:26:43 from

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Are you crazy?? Forcing your glider into a sock and trapping it would likely destroy any trust you had built. socks can kill gliders by loose threads strangling them. If you want to do this get a pouch, put it in teh cage as teh only place to sleep then while they are sleeping remove it and deal with them while they are sleepy
the link i mentioned has many otehr good tips but teh ones above could kill the glider and severely scare it if it doesnt die.
: : How in the heck do i tame this thing? It seemd to hate me...It bited me and maked that horribe noise and wont let me come anywhere near it!! Advice plz?

: In the middle of the day, try to get your glider in a sock and
: tie off the top with a knot
: put the sock under your shirt just under the collar and carry
: the glider with you all day

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